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About Karol Fullfilment

In search of high quality B2C Order Fulfillment or B2B Distribution?

To effectively serve clients with warehousing, distribution and order fulfillment needs, an outsourced solution should offer a range of services that satisfies sales to multiple points of purchase. In addition to basic order fill, carrier and transportation activities, specialized packaging requirements that conform to buyer demands must be met on a variety of products and materials.

Servicing national and international distribution and fulfillment begins with a good location that provides easy access to major metropolitan areas and ports. While 60% of the U.S. population is located within 2-day ground service of Karol Fulfillment’s Northeast Pennsylvania facility, roughly 32% lie within 1-day ground service.

Whether we’re shipping single product orders bound to a consumer’s doorstep or facilitating a multi-destination LTL project, Karol Fulfillment has the space, staff and administrative support to successfully scale any project up or down to your total satisfaction. If either the retailer or consumer require special receipts, order management and fulfillment can be thoughtfully tailored - online and on the floor.

Along with providing skilled labor and logistics expertise, Karol Fulfillment’s experienced team is adept at handling even the most demanding distribution and fulfillment assignments. We routinely manage a high volume of daily, core-related order processing requests and provide online, 24/7 access to order confirmations.

Karol Fulfillment’s range of services keeps growing to fulfill our customers’ evolving expectations.


Karol is dedicated to complete marketing, brand and product
fulfillment that satisfies your customers and your bottom line.

About our leadership

Founded in 1976 by Carol and Mick Kincheloe, Karol Fulfillment is now owned and operated by their two sons. Along with Michael and Mark, Rob Costello, VP of Operations, has played an integral part in Karol’s success since he came on board in 1978. Over 100 years of combined management experience and a staff retention average of 18 years support the company’s continuing commitment to performance.

Karol Fulfillment Leadership Michael Kincheloe, Rob Costello and Mark Kincheloe
Karol Fulfillllment

2-Day Ground Shipping

From Karol East, we reach 70% of the U.S. population and an additional 23% from
Karol West.

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  • We’ve implemented complete recycling procedures for paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and aluminum as well as electronics, batteries and metal. Each year, Karol recycles roughly five tons of materials that, years ago, would have ended up in a traditional landfill.
  • After 20 minutes of inactivity, much of our lighting and equipment turns itself off automatically. We’re currently in the process of converting 20% of our energy usage to solar technology.
  • Karol land provides a natural habitat for a wide range of wildlife: deer, foxes, turkeys, bears, birds and more.
Karol Fulfillment's Green initiatives