37 is A Very Primary Number

As anyone can tell you, order fulfillment is not of great interest in the business world.  And when I discuss advertising for ourselves, often we are told, order fulfillment is not ‘sexy’.  Well, maybe so; yet I’ve been told too, if you’re going to do it, do it right.  And thirty seven years later, Karol Fulfillment continues to fulfill orders for many clients that require accurate, accountable and accessible service.  Whether it’s e-commerce and ongoing, or projects–if it has to do with order or item fulfillment we can help.

Incorporated in 1976 after being contracted by National Geographic educational products, Karol got started with library service (out and back) fulfillment (film previews for purchase consideration) as well as rentals.  Gradually as film became Beta II, then VHS, Karol began duplication and fulfillment, then CD and DVD duplication, printing, packaging and fulfillment.  Today, we can still handle print, duplication, packaging, mailing as well as our core service of product order or item fulfillment.  Today we are building shopping carts.  Whatever is next, we’ll take it on.

Our primary product is service.  What value we have is helping clients sleep at night.  That’s right.  They don’t worry about the nitty-gritty, inventory security, data storage, sick days, payroll, building rent & maintenance and the like.  They don’t worry about manifests, forklifts, bills of lading, ladders and boxes.  They simply focus on selling more.

Our staff today has averaged 20 years (since our move to Wilkes-Barre PA in 1989).  And while I have been affiliated with Karol for 37 years and employed since 1982, our Vice President of Operations, Rob Costello, is the senior employee starting in 1978; and our Head CSR, Sue Davenport, since 1989.  So not only do all of us here do well by the client, the company has what is necessary to make good for employees.  It’s a simple ‘to serve’ formula all the way around actually.

We look forward to the fourth decade knowing that it is based on what we do today; not yesterday or tomorrow.  From customer service through order consignment to carriers, we have probably shipped or mailed, over 4,500,000 packages with many days exceeding 5,000.  That does not include handling returns, letter size flat and lumpy mail (we never kept count) or LTL shipments.

Our primary objective, to be sure, is to satisfy clients by satisfying their customers.  Meeting that objective is what makes Karol possible.  Being even is great too as we look forward to next year.