Are Product Descriptions and Reviews Content Too? Absolutely.

Over time the term ‘content marketing’ has manifested itself yet it can still be called great copy and visuals.  Content, to include scripts for video or speeches for that matter, has to do with interest.  Reader or viewer will likely have a kindred purpose  with writer (photographer or IG designer).  And whatever product or service reviews come our way, we can label both as ‘interested parties.’

Same should hold true with product descriptions so as 99% of the time it is not returned for reasons of misunderstanding.  Product performance is another matter yet reviews should help improve product descriptions to include how well a product performs (and why photos and especially videos are helpful).  There is host of concerns from a buyer to include:

  • Who are you anyway?  (Brands reflect who, but are in fact NOT who.  Blogs help.)
  • Why your product?
  • How’s your product rating?
  • Can you deliver your product’s advertised performance as well as your service?
  • Will I be satisfied? (Does it improve my life, my relationships, my business, etc.)
  • Does it change or support my existing lifestyle?
  • Does the product save time or improve existing efforts?  (less laundry detergent needed)
  • Do you share an outlook on life in general or specific interests in particular?  (Blogs help.)

Handling bad reviews from all involved with product and services is not easy and why so much goes into performance—pre and post sale.  Success depends on delivering what is promised, we know, and yet it can take just one slip up and damage control takes over.  In order fulfillment many companies are qualified on timeliness and accuracy.  Anything less than a rating of 98% on-time and pick accuracy and package to carrier is considered below industry standards.

Live chat is a curious device for content delivery though its usefulness is based on the ability to handle numerous tasks if you’re the inquirer particularly.  Needle uses this to all’s advantage and Needlers are able to handle the task of product reviews for would be buyers.  Unlike phones, no one is pinned down in ‘real time’ though of course live voice communication has attributes beyond compare; particularly when there’s no substitute for a friendly chuckle.

All in all, both descriptions and reviews are necessary content sources for searches as well as supporting conversions.  And while we struggle, test, and struggle some more, reviews will always be name dropping even when it is not good.  And in that unlikely event, no need to worry as long as you can follow through with customer satisfaction (at least a refund with apology).