Call Center, Call Center

“Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger.”  If you can’t name that line to the actors (comedians) then you’re either too young or didn’t watch SNL in the late 70’s.  Fact is, a diner is a call center too.  The server takes a call and as does the cook.

It does not matter how well a shopping cart functions to eliminate service staff in the order cycle, but at the very least, a customer service representative should be available for post cart sales and problem solving.  And if there’s a reason to doubt whether to have available a representative take orders, then ask non-competitors who list a phone number just  how many orders they receive from the internet.  Particularly if you market to 50 something’s plus.

I have fond memories when, in the late 70’s, almost everyone one my age stopped whatever at 11:30pm Saturday nights to watch SNL.  Yet anyone can understand why infomercials still focus on the toll free number because it’s immediate and there is no need to navigate another shopping cart.  There is an advantage to a shopping cart as some might ‘feel’ they are in control.  But by golly, I like personal service with my food; and for that matter, taking any order I may place.  And I don’t mind if the rep upsells.

In closing, and knowing our clients online businesses, here’s an article that may help get you through the day.  I’ve mentioned that Practical Ecommerce is a great resource for online merchants and once again, its editorial hits the nail on the head.