Case Study: Corporate Web Store

Like many large organizations with multiple divisions and several representatives, one of our clients was having difficulty distributing marketing materials, giveaways, and premiums efficiently.  By the time the requests made it through the email chain to be approved, everything had to be shipped overnight in order to arrive in time for the event.  They were overspending on shipping and in some instances requests were even getting missed.  The District and Regional heads already had access to their inventory and records in our system, and they found it very convenient.  With that ease of access in mind they looked to us for suggestions. They wanted to streamline the requisition process without giving the reps free reign over their inventory.

We suggested using our Order Management System to create a “Corporate Web Store”.  Similar to standard retail web stores; reps log onto the site, place items in their carts, and checkout.  They are provided different shipping options to choose from, product descriptions and even pictures of the items.  Unlike retail web stores, there is no monetary transaction and this Corporate Web Store is only accessible to those who have been issued the URL and a username/password.

The flexibility of our Order Management System allows us to customize the individual user accounts in order to create three categories of access.  Each user’s access level, order budget, and approval authority is customized to meet their particular needs in the corporate hierarchy.

District Admin: Highest level access

  • Ability to place orders using all materials available to District & both Regions
  • Access to all historical data via inquiry & reports
  • Access to District address records stored in order management system
  • Able to override any user placed order

Regional Admin: Mid level access

  • Ability to place orders for materials allocated for their region
  • Access to all historical data via inquiry & reports
  • Access to District address records stored in order management system
  • Approve/deny/edit orders placed by their Regional Reps

Division Rep: Lowest level access

  • Ability to place orders for select materials allocated for the region
  • Monthly budget restrictions to limit order quantities & frequency
  • All orders must be approved by Regional Admin prior to shipping
  • Access to only user’s order history
  • Access to only address records created by user

This custom access allows users to quickly and easily see what is available to them, and place their orders accordingly.

  1. Divisional reps collect and order requests from the stores in their jurisdictions.  They then enter orders into the Corporate Web Store at their discretion.  If the Rep attempts to exceed their total monthly budget, they are stopped and asked to reduce their order prior to continuing.
  2. Once the order is successfully submitted, an approval request is automatically generated and emailed to the Regional Admin for the jurisdiction.  The Regional Admin can then decide to approve, deny, or edit the submitted order.  If the order is modified or rejected, the Division Rep is notified automatically via email and their monthly budget is credited the difference.
  3. The approved orders are then processed through for pick/pack and shipment.  Once shipped, the Division Rep and the receiver of the shipment are automatically sent confirmation emails with their shipment tracking information.

Though their approval is not required for completion, the District Admin has the ability to approve, adjust, or deny any order placed by Division Reps or Regional Admin under their jurisdiction.  The District and the Regional Admins can place their own orders in the Corporate Web Store as well, but they are not required to pass through an approval process.

By allowing the Divisional Reps to see their active budgets, they are more conservative with their requests.  With fewer and more conservative requests, the Regional Admin is better able to acknowledge them promptly.  In the end the client is getting the required materials to their stores, and seeing a substantial improvement in time management and shipping costs.

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