Window Dressing, Web Sites and E-Commerce

It cannot be understated that the window that is your web site home page should present products in terms of market.  While it will be a little longer for the technology to allow 3-D for all e-retailers, best to approach the web site with the same intentions as you would for window shoppers. So much […]

Start Up Profile (of Success)

No doubt younger entrepreneurs have less concern for ‘jumping in’ the online marketplace.  And it’s great to hear their stories to include mistakes made—not to be repeated.  Practical Ecommerce profiled one such start up who was kicked out of his dorm for running a business from his room.  That didn’t stop the enterprising student who […]

Shopping Carts and Marketing

Special Interest Marketing may not need shopping carts.  And a lot has to do with who buys a particular ‘product.’  Perhaps not all product marketing efforts need a shopping cart and sales continue on without need after all. Most businesses recognize the value of a web site and staking a place within the global reach of […]

Screen Scene: Increasing Sales with Videos

Silver or not, product merchandising videos for web sites and product sales will always add to the shopping experience that many sites lack.  And while not all e-tailers are going to want to introduce the company, the brand or the product, the prospect and would-be customer can see and hear you.  And if you’re passionate […]

Outsourcing Project Fulfillment

Are you planning a project that includes assembly and/or the disseminating goods or materials to numerous recipients?  Have you considered outsourcing this project?  Fulfillment Centers handle jobs other than full-time order fulfillment.  Order Fulfillment Centers can be an asset for one-time and periodic projects as well.  Any project requiring assembly, packaging, and/or shipping could be […]

Case Study: Corporate Web Store

Like many large organizations with multiple divisions and several representatives, one of our clients was having difficulty distributing marketing materials, giveaways, and premiums efficiently.  By the time the requests made it through the email chain to be approved, everything had to be shipped overnight in order to arrive in time for the event.  They were […]