Warehousing Ideas & Shipping Products

You may recognize how internet marketing as well as customer service and fulfillment has evolved.  Yet online marketing evolves so fast one might ‘stay put’ if not let it go.  Fact is, it moves as fast as the cloud and applications are developed and upgraded.  Forget about ‘big data’ for a moment. You may be […]

Plodding the Course and Hold Fast

As it goes, learning the means to market product and/or soliciting sales in today’s e-commerce environment is daunting.  Those merchants and e-retailers that are new to internet product sales may be overwhelmed and/or under budgeted for the outside services to provide access to all the internet has to offer for marketing.   Some thoughts to increase […]

Customer Service—On Site or Social Media? And What About Pricing as a Customer Service?

Order fulfillment and e-commerce are synonymous.  Yet what makes the difference between success and failure is, and always will be, customer satisfaction through service and relationships.  Progressively social media is helping to keep a brand in touch yet an e-commerce web site is the best place to deliver the best customer service. While physical shopping […]

Sometimes Peanuts, Sometimes Shells

Though Internet Marketing and Print Marketing have their differences, we can agree that maintaining data bases is a key to success.  While my comfort zone is not product pricing, maintaining customer and lead data has been a career focus over the years.  As with SEO, data base maintenance is laborious.  Yet if direct response is […]

Getting Directions from Big Foot

Some of us prefer to get our directions from Big Foot than MapQuest (Rand McNally in the old days).  This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re ‘lost’ in the truest sense, but perhaps about to be enlightened.  (And as with Nessie, who wouldn’t want to see what few if any actually have.) In some attempts to connect readers […]

Do Tell—the Results Are In After All

For many reasons, the population of 30 and younger year olds are leading the way.  And from a social standpoint, why they are beyond what could be imagined in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the beginning of the 21st century.  From my perspective, I marvel. Even the current President of the United States […]

Napkin Planning for Internet Marketing

Difficult to digest it all, one can still reap sales by keeping pace with all the internet can do; and as we enter the e-commerce world further; we will see move development towards mobile-device use.  Now it can happen quickly, but creating a plan of engagement will eliminate oversights and better analytics overall. “Napkin” planning […]

World Internet Project International Report—Fourth Edition

Certainly an uncountable number of individuals in all internet related activities will have reviewed the current and fourth edition of The Center for a Digital Future’s World Internet Project International Report.  Comprehensive as can be in the time frame, the benefit from empirical knowledge regarding internet use serves well for e-commerce today and related objectives […]

Consumer Product Discovery

I suppose I could have guessed, and that it was only a question of time.  Product discovery sites are developing all the time now and as the most recent article in Practical Ecommerce presents, these sites are going to be mainline for some time to come.  (Be sure to click to review previous articles on the […]

Innovation with Social Networks–Kliq

As social media develops, it can develop separately to the point keeping our networks connected becomes the necessity to realize the benefits of content and its distribution.  While the pundits confirm that social media networking, marketing and advertising is to be embraced, developers such as Johnny Richardson reasons through today’s devices and network-purposing with true […]