37 is A Very Primary Number

As anyone can tell you, order fulfillment is not of great interest in the business world.  And when I discuss advertising for ourselves, often we are told, order fulfillment is not ‘sexy’.  Well, maybe so; yet I’ve been told too, if you’re going to do it, do it right.  And thirty seven years later, Karol […]

Integration, Automation and Human Hands

Data is more than bountiful and yet, stuffing it into useable places is now something of a career path.  The endeavor can be daunting; particularly with regard to order related processing and fulfillment.  So often marketing takes priorities of data management, yet without good fulfillment processing the order is sacrificed. There are plenty of bells […]

On the Money…

Sharing information that may not otherwise been received is as much the purpose to write. What is fascinating to me is the evolution of e-commerce and the technology that supports retailing initiatives for all kinds of entrepreneurs. No, not every venture becomes a money maker, but as it goes, technology is hard to keep up […]

Do Tell—the Results Are In After All

For many reasons, the population of 30 and younger year olds are leading the way.  And from a social standpoint, why they are beyond what could be imagined in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the beginning of the 21st century.  From my perspective, I marvel. Even the current President of the United States […]

Consumer Product Discovery

I suppose I could have guessed, and that it was only a question of time.  Product discovery sites are developing all the time now and as the most recent article in Practical Ecommerce presents, these sites are going to be mainline for some time to come.  (Be sure to click to review previous articles on the […]

On Mobile from Get Elastic E-Commerce Blog

From Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog 10 Mobile Web Design Best Practices If charging up your mobile commerce strategy is on your to-do list for 2013, enjoy these 10 best practices from Mobify’s recent publication 50 Ways to Please Your Customers: A Guide to Mobile Web Design Best Practices. (If you’re feeling playful, you can view […]

Cause Marketing—Bridging More Gaps with E-Commerce

Not necessarily new, but for sure more developed today, cause marketing offers help to all human needs as well as cohabitation with wildlife and support of the environment.  Whether domestic or global, the for-profit and non-profit worlds can come together using the marketing campaign power of the largest of corporations, or local and online niche […]

International Marketing—Now for All Retailers

At times a little extra research here can save someone some time.  And while not all e-merchants have international marketing plans, one need not be overwhelmed after consideration.  Currency conversion and translation software is available.  And it all just gets easier to think about global sales. Here’s a look at some markets and relationships: Canada […]

Web Site & Shopping Cart Decisions–Make Haste Slowly

Over time, web sites and shopping carts have become more accessible with features and functions to allow simplicity and easier navigation.  This said, reviews today should be thorough enough to measure how you may grow later and whether you could keep the existing software choice. Investigate agencies with e-commerce experience if you plan to outsource.  […]

Window Dressing, Web Sites and E-Commerce

It cannot be understated that the window that is your web site home page should present products in terms of market.  While it will be a little longer for the technology to allow 3-D for all e-retailers, best to approach the web site with the same intentions as you would for window shoppers. So much […]