Cause Marketing—Bridging More Gaps with E-Commerce

Not necessarily new, but for sure more developed today, cause marketing offers help to all human needs as well as cohabitation with wildlife and support of the environment.  Whether domestic or global, the for-profit and non-profit worlds can come together using the marketing campaign power of the largest of corporations, or local and online niche market merchants.  With health, agriculture, research, small business finance and safe environments to name a few causes, change occurs when funding exists.

Every so often, the corporate world, or even small business, are judged on some basis to do with profits, yet it’s a fact profits must be made in the private sector.  Generating profits does develop all sorts of opportunities unrelated to tax revenue generation.  For individuals as well as organizations, cause marketing generates proceeds that affect those in need, and who in turn, then,  sustain livelihoods and/or significant personal health or social benefits.

We witness positive results with cause marketing all the time and ultimately everyone gains, at least a little something, without undue financial stress.  A little here and there for purchases made as a result of identifying the recipient who may be afflicted.  Many online and b&m retailers offer special items for small donations.  Though some affiliations may clash, the benefits of compatible organizations bridge gaps otherwise left apart indefinitely.