Customer Service—On Site or Social Media? And What About Pricing as a Customer Service?

Order fulfillment and e-commerce are synonymous.  Yet what makes the difference between success and failure is, and always will be, customer satisfaction through service and relationships.  Progressively social media is helping to keep a brand in touch yet an e-commerce web site is the best place to deliver the best customer service.

While physical shopping can provide an live-smile experience, some up-and-comer bricks and mortar retailers are using ‘robots’ to bring clothing to you.  If that doesn’t beat all.  From auto manufacturing does come the store associate.  Interaction with such automation likely is an experience in and of itself; yet how much of an experience does the customer actually have?  Remains to be determined fully.

And what interaction with a merchant won’t necessarily include ‘haggling’?  Since a purchase is personal, interaction is required and can be kept private more so on the internet than in a store.  And a web site serves best to include the customer in the process.  If this sounds strange, I ask myself the difference between an auction and negotiating?  Depending on the circumstances, buyers always want to believe they got a deal—that’s customer satisfaction as much as receiving the purchased item on time via e-commerce.

If a merchant sells ‘one shot’ purchases, it’s possible to stand ground on prices.  But if priced properly, there may be room.  Conversely in my experience, if it’s a revolving selection of items, then repeat customers are the objective for sure as we know.  Branding is a wonderful concept and obviously effective for any retailer; but once branded, the retailer had better deliver excellent customer service for it to mean anything.

If it’s your store, if anything goes, it will be profits without customer determined pricing as well—a key element to customer satisfaction in my book.  Any successful business knows how low they can go to satisfy their customer.