Beckon the logic when envisioning success in e-commerce. As most know, the entire cycle of events that leads to a satisfied, and returning, customer requires more than imagination; it requires a process that increases customers and orders while reducing expenses. Not everyone gets it though, so focused on the product as if it was to be submitted for an award. E-Commerce is not an art exhibition.

Keeping a dialectic approach with your marketplace is the ONLY way to success. Sure, Sony made the Walkman which was not only the product, but the marketplace at the same time. They did in fact create a market with their product; but we’re talking about you, your budget and your understanding of the internet.

Enthusiasm regarding the logical conclusion of a merchant-customer relationship can keep one focused on less if any trial and error. That is: follow the experts and only conclude there’s a problem with your sales strategy by budgeting fairly before adapting. It’s not a question of a job description preference; it’s about making money. Knowing a market is knowing people—so then, you now know why not everyone has a Ford Taurus. No Bull.

In conclusion, when no one is buying, you haven’t found the right people yet. And when you do find the right people, the logical thing to do is to ‘ask’ what else would these findees buy? If you argue they are wrong, you have not embraced Dialectica. It’s not about touchy-feely, it’s about logic. Now think about the logic of an impulse buy. You’re getting closer….you got it; what they simply must have.

Here are two e-tailers who understand their people who BUY.