Do Tell—the Results Are In After All

For many reasons, the population of 30 and younger year olds are leading the way.  And from a social standpoint, why they are beyond what could be imagined in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the beginning of the 21st century.  From my perspective, I marvel.

Even the current President of the United States recognizes the power of social connections with those who exponentially engage socially; so much so, a mini-paradigm shift has occurred.  One wonders then, just what influence the 30-and-younger has upon the rest of the population including product sales and marketing.  Most of us see it clearly, as did President Obama, but unless you don’t have to work, best to pay closer attention.

Communications, both as a profession and necessity, ultimately begins with a social interaction.  Honed are those skills in social settings that lead to improved relativity.  Without relativity, there’s no valuable communication.  And one can even say, regardless of what a communications mission or goal might be, without some fun and laughter, the most poised individual will break down—literally and to the detriment of the objectives.  Objectives met, then, is the means to the end, be it sales of products or sales for votes.

Fortunately, I do not need to evolve further as long as I can look ahead with the eyes of the 30-and-younger decision makers.  Heck, what good are traditions when you can create your own in a matter of moments via the internet.  “Planking” is one my favorite regardless; and I read just today at lunch time, a court ruled you can give the police the “bird.”  Do tell.