E-Commerce, Fundraising and Non-Profit Objectives

Non-Profit sectors of on-line and e-commerce activities have equivalent goals to for-profit product merchandisers.  What technology provides private enterprises certainly is relied on to satisfy an .org’s position in the respective ‘donor’ marketplaces.

The differences of non-profits are affiliated with a group or an association, many affiliated with geography and others with say, the performing arts.  The categories are broad, yet usually some social, to include health, or societal benefit results from fund raising.  And e-commerce is e-commerce to the extent whatever may be ordered on-line with payment processed to fulfill the order, the objective never changes—funds are required to sustain the respective goals.

Some sell branded gifts to include apparel while others may use co-branded gift certificates in cause marketing arrangements.  No matter, the e-commerce activities have little or no difference—an order is an order.  While no profits are allowed, the goals are fulfilled by donations and sponsors.  And to solicit the donations every non-profit in need of funds will turn to the internet as a most cost effective means to cover the globe for the sake of the goals, missions and objectives.

In closing, many non-profits rely on the for-profit sector resources as many have business and technology board members (as well as celebrity spokespeople).  The knowledge transfer exists then to further the objectives without full funding by donations.  In the end, the means is the same.  Make for a better world knowing that commerce, with or without profits, leads the way.