Getting Directions from Big Foot

Some of us prefer to get our directions from Big Foot than MapQuest (Rand McNally in the old days).  This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re ‘lost’ in the truest sense, but perhaps about to be enlightened.  (And as with Nessie, who wouldn’t want to see what few if any actually have.)

In some attempts to connect readers of all categories for collective e-commerce success, I myself continue to learn from professionals in respective internet fields.  Some professionals and consultants involved have more than one capability but as the internet develops further by way of software development, etc., it is progressively difficult for smaller e-merchants to keep up as generalists (software available to keep it all going).  And perhaps, the internet itself, like a deep and dense forest, must be penetrated to find what no one else cares to see.

Software development is not our business though the staff here become master users and like many users become the basis for software improvement.  That is to say what happens in a human environment must be programmed, coded and otherwise, hammered into ‘functional technology.’ So getting directions is just a matter of getting lost.   And Big Foot would make me think twice for myself about which way to go, while directions are well, more simply followed.

So as I travel along to help myself, I’ll do my best to help others find a way too.