Getting Out of It (or from Under It)

Looking at reasons to outsource fulfillment has everything to do with growth without commitments.  Generally, one can save costs doing it yourself; the problem though is managing an operation that may have little to do with your purposes or product sales.

How do you know?  For sure, knowing all expenses related to real estate will factor greatly.  Purchase or Lease?  Taxes.  Utilities. Upkeep. Insurance.  Keep those costs in mind when considering to handle it yourself or an outsourced service provider.  And then there’s equipment—the minimum likely is one fork lift and one hand jack.

Location too will be part of the decision.  If your involvement includes USPS, options are greater.  However, if UPS and FedEx are contracted for the bulk of shipments, the geographic should reflect customer bases.  This is essential to provide for lower ground service costs.  Karol Fulfillmentis within zone 3 for 90,000,000 million US households.  About 70,000,000 in zone 2.

Objective reviews are related to actual value. So it goes then, you’ll want to have a little extra help when you need it.  And you should be able to get a staff person on the line immediately.  If you can’t, perhaps the staff depth at the service provider is too shallow.  Regardless of the questions, answers ultimately means you do have a fulfillment solution without the commitments associated with the related operations.