How Related??

There can be a relationship without direct contact.  Geographically, Love n’ Fresh Flowers is just outside of Philadelphia and about 2 hours south of Wilkes Barre.  What I liked about the article, notwithstanding the proprietor’s story, was the fact that so much land is still available so close to a metro.  Moreover, when I think about e-commerce, it does not necessarily mean one sells a product on-line, but rather promotes their business via the internet—and in Ms. Love’s case, social media.

From the article, I recognized two attributes she has—a marketing background as well as the technical wherewithal to embrace social media.  When you consider she built her presence first (Facebook), you know you’re reading a business lesson.  I suppose the farmer in her got the best of her; combine marketing and hard work, and well, stand back.

The story is worth the time (I’m not sure I could handle flower farming) to relay.  As much because it is happening in Pennsylvania and  I’m also a bit jealous because Ms. Love is closer to the Jersey shore than I.  And well, there is action in Philly that passes us by up here in the Wyoming Valley.  So be it, I’m just glad that passion can pay off for someone.  Weddings in your future?  Give Love n Flowers a go.