In General, Be Specific

According to Internet Retailer web sales exceeded $225 billion in 2012 and yet I found a sales figure of $289 billion from another source.  I tried to make sense of it and I took an educated guess because neither source was entirely specific.   So my educated guess was it’s the difference between product purchases that require shipping and services sold over the internet where there’s no shipping required.  Still not specific, but in general an educated guess works for me.

Guarantees should be specific.  But service in general offers some leeway to include ‘money back.’  Take improved ground shipping for instance today.  Carriers have maps to show the number of days in which you can expect a shipment to be delivered–just no guarantee.  Yet true to their maps, the majority of the time packages arrive according to the delivery time map and the chart is specific.  It’s available to help plan order fulfillment as well as for times to determine a guarantee is necessary for the package to arrive on a specific day.

Yet another sixty four thousand dollar question may be only applicable to how long will the bitcoin will be around.  (Maybe it’ll go on in similar fashion as crowdfunding.)  All involved here do so too in a general way as well to an end.  Neither bitcoins nor crowdfunding exist in a specific environment—another way of saying ‘unregulated.’  Pros and cons, as Randy Newman’s ‘Monk’ theme lyrics would indicate:  “it’s a jungle out there.”

Clichés aside, progressing ourselves through e-commerce is sifting through generalized information to get to some specifics that we can hold onto.  (For dear money if nothing else.)  As shipping goes from here, in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania (latitude 41°24’58”N, longitude 75°88’17”W), the reach in two days is about 162,066,420 people and 52,062,980 people within one day ground.  Sorry, I can’t be more specific regarding county populations and where exactly day delivery maps draw the lines.  Specifically, then, I’m referring to service in general.