Innovation with Social Networks–Kliq

As social media develops, it can develop separately to the point keeping our networks connected becomes the necessity to realize the benefits of content and its distribution.  While the pundits confirm that social media networking, marketing and advertising is to be embraced, developers such as Johnny Richardson reasons through today’s devices and network-purposing with true entrepreneurial vigor.  That is to say, he has no alignment but his own view, vision and implementation.  Hence, Kliq.  (Reminds me of Sony’s Walkman story.)  And I’ve signed up as a beta tester.

Over time, we’ve witnessed innovation in the internet marketing, communications and e-commerce which is hard to recap quickly.  Historical perspectives help, and help with choosing paths yet taken, but when all is said and done, we need hardy individuals to look at what can, or should be accomplished.  Certainly, without a total business environment, innovation rarely is fulfilled.

Not having a technology background, I have been fortunate to work with both entrepreneurs and technology-capable individuals.  I’ve gained an appreciation as to what it means in today’s internet-soaked world and how fast one aspect of technology today assists the entrepreneurs blaze new ground—either by developing technology for its own sake to provide solutions or to deliver solutions realized by those who are not capable of ‘producing’ software, using API’s or conceptualizing what technology can do.

Perhaps this blog covers a broader industry story than is applicable to this blogger.  However, at times, we simply need inspiration as well as innovation to have the ability and overall resources to succeed when there may be only one ‘pony express.’  Johnny Richardson may be on to the next best ‘telegraph’ of the future.