Integration, Automation and Human Hands

Data is more than bountiful and yet, stuffing it into useable places is now something of a career path.  The endeavor can be daunting; particularly with regard to order related processing and fulfillment.  So often marketing takes priorities of data management, yet without good fulfillment processing the order is sacrificed.

There are plenty of bells and whistles out there, but order management today can be an art form as rarely can two systems, developed separately, and with different intentions, produce consistent results.   This holds true without enterprise software for sure, and mapping files is not every web designer’s cup of tea.  That is to say, getting basic data in the right fields can be a road block to automated order ‘management’ software unrelated to a particular shopping cart.

Hence, when the words ‘integration’ and ‘automation’ are used, it is often the case human intervention is necessary to make it all come together.  Sometimes it all appears seamless when in fact, it’s the experience of those who receive the data that overcomes all applicable software limitations.  The SQL is not without hitches, glitches, bugs, oversights and missed patches.

Karol would not be the only fulfillment company to suggest making contact with all vendors before choosing a software-system strategy if outsourcing fulfillment is planned.  And it’s prudent to recognize a web site developer is not always prepared for the range of e-commerce concerns.  This consideration is a reality in the environment we call e-commerce today.