Inventory Control equals Customer Satisfaction

Order cycles for product are the bane of purchasing; but for sales and customer satisfaction, lack of inventory on time is the bane of retail business.

Generally, e-retailers Karol has served include both high and low SKU counts.  Back orders are a serious customer service issue.  The range of reasons back orders exist can be documented by many.

As we know, there are no rules to follow for accidents, defects, damaged goods or short receipts and the effect on inventory.  There are no rules for delays.  And how deep to keep inventory for such events for our clients is a wet finger many times; but as deep as you can go.  Particularly for ‘evergreens’ and ‘razer blades.’

And once received into system inventory, accuracy is key for control.  And without bar coding as many retailer products are, cycle counts are sure to pick up possible problems.  Updating inventory should be immediate and when necessary, a record of the reason as to what caused inventory changes.  Restocking returns, re&mis-ships, etc. makes for an endless process of keeping inventory ready quickly for order fulfillment—and your customers’ satisfaction. has operations tips and of course, vendor directories for equipment such as