Is the Cart Before The Horse?

We all know e-commerce is evolving; and at paces that can seem unreal.  An attempt to define e-commerce will usually, today, end with ‘anything to do with making money’ in association with the internet.  That’s a fair answer.

Selling products via the internet requires basics that include marketing as we know, let alone merchandising the product once the information is seen on screen.  And as shopping cart software develops, so does the fusion between product presentation and shopping experience tighten.  The customer service experience begins with, actually, the receipt and review of the product.  Not the cart experience; though what merchant or retailer wants to make that less than a good yet preferably excellent.

Same holds true with regard to transactions that are not sold products but items necessary to fulfill an offer such as a premium or for internal-use sales and marketing, materials.  Simple shopping cart solutions to aid an individual promised a premium or an employee who simply needs the marketing materials immediately need satisfaction as well.  (Sometimes, the order-to-receipt turnaround for ‘free’ items has a more demanding requirement.   Last minute orders for trade show materials?  You may know what’s being discussed here because your job may be on the line.)

Regardless of the circumstance: the receipt of the order determines customer satisfaction and the definition of customer only is, and always will be, the intended recipient.  All shopping carts then should facilitate the process to initiate the delivery–even if that means ‘manual entry’ along the way.  File uploads don’t always match to OMS if separated, yet ‘in the hands’ is what is going to prove the better fulfillment solution.