Looking Now and Ahead—Fantasy Sports for Internet Sales

Looking back, while in a computer lab while attending the University of Delaware, I had little foresight my professor had as to how computers would affect the graphics industry.  I thought it fantasy.  Finally I got it when on a green screen PC I used Pagemaker 1.0 where design and typesetting fused together and I watched the typesetting trade evaporate.  Technology finally understood.

I look back further too, to the days of Strat-o-matic Baseball and I could manage a major league team with the previous year’s players.  Today, access to marketing related software is equivalent insomuch as with never-changing business rules like supply and demand, there is fantasy this, that or the other sport to assist product sellers sell more.  And it knows no bounds; with costs no doubt adjusted to increase demand as time goes by.

A recent New York Times article in a small business section regarding internet selling and e-commerce does well to explain this relatively simple marketing strategy that well; is just plain gaming as a recreational activity that well; just keeps people occupied with what can direct them to well; buy your product!