‘Lumpy’ Mail Gets Attention

While the phrase has been coined elsewhere, few recipients of an envelope that is not flat can resist opening.  And whether the item was requested or sent for promotional purposes, lumpy mail stands out.

Some budgets prohibit this method of marketing and fulfillment.  However, depending on the demographics, mail receipt is welcome.  And with goodies inside, so much the better.

What about postage costs?  There can be postal surcharges; so for smaller budgets, keep the mailing list clean and targeted to primary markets, customers or members.  But there are numerous ‘pop up’ items from ad specialties that remain flat to maintain lower postage.  Or, the item can be folded by hand and inserted.

Karol Fulfillment has handled numerous lumpy mail campaigns for non-profits and associations over its years in distribution and fulfillment.  Either way, flat or lumpy, Karol can consult and estimate costs and the decision to contract a mail service can be reviewed.