Mobile Devices and Your E-Commerce Sales

Very few e-tailers are preparing for the mobile shopping experience.  This is despite the fact that more than 20% of all e-commerce transactions occur on mobile devices.  And this growth doubles each year.  It is estimated that more than half of all on-line shopping will be mobile based.  Karol Fulfillment staff work with e-tailers everyday that are either on the cusp of mobile e-commerce or still doing their homework.

What can you do to prepare?

Optimize your site to make it suitable for mobile connection.

Make it easy to navigate.  Avoid the ‘drag’ feature so common on a desktop.  Make images lightweight so these load up quickly.

Mobile customers are often browsing on their smart device in between other activities.  Focus on precise small batch of products or services—not the volume of products normally found during a desktop shopping experience.

Make the checkout fast and easy.  This includes one click checkout.  Also, optimize your check-out for high speed processing for low bandwidth.

Some e-tailers are making the decision to go mobile first, before creating a traditional desktop e-tailer shopping site.

In a recent Internet Retailer article, Sam Shank, CEO and co-founder of  was quoted “…a {mobile first} business should be simple and focused.  If you can’t get into five words it’s not simple enough,” Shank said.  “You have to get this app because of these five words.  For any mobile strategy out there, it’s not enough to say it’s like our web site.  What does the app do that is unique and beneficial that saves time and money?”  Shank gave some examples.  For it’s “Make my photos look cool.”

“The check-out process {for a mobile first site} must be simple and stream-lined,” Shank said.  “With us you can book in three taps and then swipe the third screen,” he said.

(See “The keys to mobile-first success.” By Bill Siwicki, Managing Editor, Mobile Commerce)

With mobile devices, the shopping experience is more a whisper than a shout on desktop.  A whisper can be a one click checkout.  Imagine that.