Monday April 15, Two Thousand Thirteen

While we hope for the best of times, we know too how difficult it can to keep up with online commercial activity and production–particularly for small enterprises of one kind or another.  And while all web related work may not end in an online sales transaction, it can pay to have a range of web marketing capability.  Interestingly—maybe it’s just me—that video and infographics are spring boarding on new delivery technologies.

Having entered the age of the PC and Cable Television long ago, I’ve witnessed the force of technology and at times have been intimidated by it.  ¾” U-Matic video tapes were a format of choice for many cable stations anxious to have any programming to include sponsored programs produced by associations and corporations.  Many programs were how-to or some sort of documentary.  Fact was, it took a relatively long time for cable TV to make itself the way most Americans received TV.  That’s history.  And no one probably cares (nostalgia for me).

So it goes I’m fascinated by video today and the opportunities many merchants and marketing professionals have embraced with the medium.  And there appears to be no end in sight.  I haven’t seen any leap frog as was the case with VHS video over Beta, but perhaps it will occur.  The use of video is virtually endless with all the elements to yield fast loading and interaction over the internet.  And the statics that bear out the effectiveness only means it’s a matter of time when video will be a mainstay for any presence on the web.  That is to say, technology will deliver full audio visual as if it were a still photograph—but then again, it already has.

What opportunities for all web sites and stores will be fulfilled has the natural course of events.  Not all can jump in why with overall marketing budgets to consider.  However, in my experience, I could not anticipate ever making a home video.  When I was a kid, you made a home movie on 8mm film with no sound.  There, I’ve dated myself again.