Napkin Planning for Internet Marketing

Difficult to digest it all, one can still reap sales by keeping pace with all the internet can do; and as we enter the e-commerce world further; we will see move development towards mobile-device use.  Now it can happen quickly, but creating a plan of engagement will eliminate oversights and better analytics overall.

“Napkin” planning tends to be fresh and then leads to other napkins that will begin to connect themselves.  While agencies are mostly up to date and creative, it takes a long time for an agency to know what the e-merchant knows.  So, if the business model provides a budget, any napkin planning will go a long way to show the agency your target markets. (For those who require both business and marketing plans, keep all of those napkins!)

I have mixed views but with all the retail avenues today, with relatively small budgets, doing the leg work hands-on or not will require good data.  Without a track record, it’s not possible to steer the advertising budget effectively.  All can agree on this.  So, with napkin in hand, start internet marketing with a plan that can be easily adjusted if you know what’s available.

And while I continue to read e-commerce editorial and vendor service descriptions, only when I act is when I learn.  Fortunately, the internet relieves out-of-pocket spending to satisfy market contact and the process of sales.  Yet without some continuum, what will develop to help sales will be that more sophisticated.

The following information from Google (free) may help those in need of reviewing what’s available for smaller budgets.