Ouch!! It Hurts to Learn

As I continue to learn from both followers and professionals’ blogging away as it were, I remind myself learning is a good thing albeit ‘painful.’  I have always been a slow learner yet keeping at it, whatever it is, is the answer.  As we know, one never fails unless one stops.

Having been involved with Karol Media for 37 years now, I only look back if it’s relevant to do so.  And when it is relevant it’s about decision making.  And the result of those decisions.  We’ve changed yet our ‘product’ is service.  And we stick then to what we do best.  While we will make mistakes, these are rare.  This holds true for carriers as well; be it USPS, UPS or FedEx.  Bar coding used in fulfillment and order tracking reduces so many errors, that a typical mistake is packing the wrong SKU.

Generally, however, in small fulfillment endeavors, products come to us without SKU numbers and Bar Codes.  We have applied bar codes when either we need these or a client’s customer needs these in a retail outlet.  These bar codes are not necessary to fulfill orders if the budget is not there.  And it is not unusual for printing and applying SKU numbers to product (kit) assemblies, with the finished product shrink wrapped or not.

Operations and fulfillment service is what we deliver and yet, whether out sourced or not, you stand to gain by updating yourself.  A standard resource for the topic is the Operations +Fulfillment section in MultiChannel Merchant.