Outsourcing Project Fulfillment

Are you planning a project that includes assembly and/or the disseminating goods or materials to numerous recipients?  Have you considered outsourcing this project?  Fulfillment Centers handle jobs other than full-time order fulfillment.  Order Fulfillment Centers can be an asset for one-time and periodic projects as well.  Any project requiring assembly, packaging, and/or shipping could be taken on by a quality Fulfillment Center.

  • Distribute promotional giveaway items
  • P.O.P. / promotional displays
  • Distribute materials to Sales Reps
    • Marketing / Promotion guides
    • Gifts/incentives
    • Quarterly information packets

Unless you already have the facility and staff, an Order Fulfillment Center has the resources to complete your large project faster, cheaper, and with less hassle.


Facility Advantages

Will your project involve a large shipment of goods? Receiving shipments via a trucking company on wooden pallets instead of a package delivery service can cut your shipping costs by 75% or more.  However you need to have the proper facilities and equipment to accept truck shipments. Any Order Fulfillment Center will have a receiving dock and the equipment required to accept and maneuver pallets of materials.

Even if you have a fast turnaround time, you still need to store the goods while the project is in progress.  Business real estate isn’t cheap, so you probably already make the most of what you have.  A Fulfillment Center will have a warehouse with dedicated storage and workspace available for your goods.  Short term storage fees are usually minimal, and depending on your project, negotiable.


Supplies & Cost Advantages

Will your project require packaging?  As long as the materials aren’t particularly unique, a Fulfillment Center will likely have the necessary materials available, and they may be able to pass a bulk discount on to you.

The volume of shipping done by Fulfillment Centers can make discounts available to them that would normally be unobtainable to you.  Depending on the shipping services you require, you may be able to reap the benefit of these discounts.

In addition to assembling and shipping materials for your project, Order Fulfillment Centers often have additional services that may be of interest:

Taking advantage of additional services offered by Fulfillment Centers can save you shipping costs, and simplify the project planning substantially.



If you need a project done fast, you may not have the staff on hand to complete it by deadline.  Why waste time going through the process of hiring temps when Fulfillment Centers already have a full-time workforce employed.  An experienced Fulfillment Center staff can complete your job with less training time because they have probably worked a project before.  Experienced workers not only lead to faster turnaround, but they can do it while retaining the quality and accuracy your organization has come to expect.


When it comes to your next project, before you start stressing about it, reach out to a quality Fulfillment Center near you and ask for a quote.  It may be less expensive as you think.


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