Plodding the Course and Hold Fast

As it goes, learning the means to market product and/or soliciting sales in today’s e-commerce environment is daunting.  Those merchants and e-retailers that are new to internet product sales may be overwhelmed and/or under budgeted for the outside services to provide access to all the internet has to offer for marketing.   Some thoughts to increase results without an outside agency:

1.)    Blog first so as to reach other retailers with wholesale pricing (if possible)

2.)    Blog as much as possible; research your competitors activity and be where they are

3.)    Blog for publicity

4.)    Blog for innovation development and product result (how the product idea came about)

5.)    Publicity for any milestone (anniversary, unit sales, buyer profiles, etc.)

6.)    Publicity regarding clients who bought

7.)    Publicity to include product reviews

8.)    Google+ circles (appropriate)

9.)    Stumble Upon (appropriate categories)

10.) Facebook and/or Yahoo stores

Consider these in the order presented as a suggested path to internet marketing and sales promotion activity.  These can be done internally if not by ownership.  If there is a strategy to use paid internet advertising try concentrating locally at first.  A simple self made demographic will do: age, region, income, etc. will help make the best decisions for testing results.

Remember, unless your product is already known, directing interested consumers to your web site has less to do with product name than subject and product benefits.  Keep mindful of the search word list as you write any copy for blog and publicity.  No need to be shy about product attributes but don’t belittle competitor products or pricing.

Having budgeted for PPC, etc., my advice is to use what’s available at no significant cost other than time.  Worry not about as to who will respond or likes your product.  Moreover, read comments good and bad, respond with courtesy and direct your efforts for sales probability not certainty.

Always remember, Columbus sailed for the West Indies, not the Americas.  Yet he sailed nonetheless testing every nerve to realize all of his sailing skills, holding fast, and onto a surprise like no other.