Screen Scene: Increasing Sales with Videos

Silver or not, product merchandising videos for web sites and product sales will always add to the shopping experience that many sites lack.  And while not all e-tailers are going to want to introduce the company, the brand or the product, the prospect and would-be customer can see and hear you.  And if you’re passionate enough to overcome stage fright, Babbaco’s founder will show you how the video sells monthly craft kit subscriptions for children to enhance their development.

Fun to watch videos are for Kikkerland’s wind-up gizmos.  Family gift favorites here, at least one from the whole line is in the possession of each family member including Great Grandma.  These wind-ups are amusing to say the least; and create curiosity galore.  Yet without videos to see how they go, you would have to stumble upon these in a retail store and demo one yourself.

No, Kikkerland does not begin and end with internet marketing (specialty retailers and museums), but their sales using motion picture over the internet for an in motion product is a no brainer.  And with today’s technology, anyone can have a professional looking video with or without sound.  Yet Babbaco is a publisher in a manner of speaking and package fulfillment is an integral part of their brand merchandising.

Once again, to explore the probable benefits, we suggest Practical Ecommerce and their reports on video and increasing sales.  And if video use is the norm already, perhaps one of the 8 tips just might improve their performance.  Print catalog strategies can’t hurt either and featuring a slow mover, rather than discounting it, video may be the difference between lower rather than higher profits.

Last but not least, DVD instructional videos can add value to products sold and we can help you with those too.