Service Sykey–How a Vendor Should Operate

The range of order fulfillment services provided by one company can be full back end support:

  • Call Center
  • Order Processing
  • Storage
  • Pick, Pack & Ship
  • Inventory Control

At times too, product or materials assembly before shipments are made can be included.  And the full range of finished packaging can include shrink wrap, ploy wrap or gluing.

However, regardless if one is selling a product online or materials to be shipped to field offices, this short check list will help determine the service ‘sykey’ of a potential fulfillment vendor:

  • Will there be a live (human being) available to discuss program needs
  • Will the vendor walk through the most troubling orders
  • Will the vendor work with poorly formatted files
  • Will the vendor work without a product or item barcode

We’ve been servicing our clients since 1976 with the best of service ‘sykey’…