Shopping Carts and Marketing

Special Interest Marketing may not need shopping carts.  And a lot has to do with who buys a particular ‘product.’  Perhaps not all product marketing efforts need a shopping cart and sales continue on without need after all.

Most businesses recognize the value of a web site and staking a place within the global reach of the internet.  Yet some do not and maybe if increased sales are in order, considering a web site to sell without a shopping cart helps get a merchant on line.  Certainly EDI has, and had, its place for B2B while direct marketing retailers have always had an order process (forms and now shopping carts).

Take two samples of merchants selling without carts. Comma Workshop and Billy Budd Films.  They actually know who buys their goods, while the mass market merchant knows less and why large retailers with large budgets use technology to ‘know’ their customers.   The ‘sale transaction’ is simple for both of these merchants and e-commerce is well, anything accomplished in sales via the internet.

This information is virtually common knowledge today yet it would be sad if some small merchant thought it was mandatory to have a shopping cart for success.  Good marketing is good marketing and what makes the difference.