Social Media Networking is No Picnic—Though It Could Be

Every so often an analogy can be made–and the backyard picnic as it relates to social media networking is an easy one.  And kindred spirits being what they are, social media is no different with friends, colleagues, customers, and new acquaintances coming together for better time, mutual benefit or to lend a hand.

While not all social networks allow a host to serve up burgers (beef, turkey or to fu) on a red and white checkerboard table cloth, with social media networking, it’s just a different venue—and we can smell what we like and have comfort by image.  And social media networking does well to connect interests, goals and yes, make sales if not some social change.

Gradually, social networking becomes normal and time is scheduled to apply acceptable networking communications.  There are many backyards as it were (some bigger than others), so keep networking and we all will be invited more often regardless of whether we accept or visa versa.

I, myself, have always enjoyed learning from backyard picnics and barbeques.  I’ve met people from all walks of life, work and ages.  Yet I’ll not attempt to bring down a damaged forty foot oak tree regardless of any  ‘how to’ explanation.  But I may exchange business cards if someone could use warehousing and fulfillment.