Sometimes e-Commerce is Just Plain Amazing…

We have seen tremendous growth in online sales and with those who embrace the technology, much happens.  I myself no longer see where I’ve been as much as I see where others are going.  And they don’t see themselves as winners but rather livers.  That’s right, enterprise can embrace the best of life.

From one of my contacts, I learned about Sweet Riot.  Yet there are others that impress me too.  Love n’ Fresh Flowers is awesome in my view.  And not all are in the market for a shopping cart.  That is, they bring their products to market on the internet and when applicable, use a shopping cart.  Regardless, these entrepreneurs and artisans have valuable offers or information and use the signage they grew up with.  While I don’t wish myself any younger, I just am glad people my junior see what an enterprising spirit can accomplish—and not just for themselves.

Looking ahead and not looking back is what makes good things available to us.  Bucket List Publications is just about living by travel and adventure without all of the dollars you would think necessary.  Comma Workshop is about living a passion.  Kikkerland is about frivolity with purpose—and I believe necessary at times.  Kids Fly Too could not have been a success as bricks and mortar; but the internet and respective marketing to this new ‘mall’ makes it possible.  Yet still, it’s the enterprising spirit that drives it all.  And not necessarily money though that’s what pays what must be.

It’s Friday April 26 two thousand and something and I am looking forward to some weekend rest.  The forecast here in North East Pennsylvania is perfection.  Though I look forward to the sunshine, I’m sure to doze off while knowing, thankfully, I’ll have work to do come Monday.  Things are looking brighter now, and Spring is the best time of the year.  So, good fortunes to all who ply their trade.  It’s work but somehow it need not feel like it.