Sometimes Peanuts, Sometimes Shells

Though Internet Marketing and Print Marketing have their differences, we can agree that maintaining data bases is a key to success.  While my comfort zone is not product pricing, maintaining customer and lead data has been a career focus over the years.  As with SEO, data base maintenance is laborious.  Yet if direct response is at the core of sales, these address files IS your business.

Over a brief period of roughly ten years I have seen internet marketing develop in leaps and bounds and many of us today have become dependent on its capabilities.  Fortunately for many, portals offer scalability in the absence of other resources to attract visitors.  And we continue to use portals to help those looking for fulfillment services get to quick solutions to find the service quotations needed.  When the leads come in, we maintain the information through the lead’s decision making cycle.

My particular experience included direct mail and catalogs to sell educational videos.  And that simply developed by a marketing principle still true today—introducing a new product to an existing customer. (We were already mailing order information for sponsored educational programming.)  Only way it is effective is to have the right data when the product is introduced.  From there you extracted information to form a lead template to apply to rented data bases and off you went.  Of course the marketplace can be fickle insomuch as who you believed would order something but did not.  Scratching one’s head was inevitable with the most diligent approach to data.  But having the data collected and stored with due diligence was a basic marketing how to.

As professional marketing associations have evolved to include internet or multichannel marketing, some old methods remain.  We know we can’t win every customer by the same means, but relying on one strategy just won’t work for the long haul.  A favorite resource of mine is the Direct Mail Association’s findings and educational forums while Multi-Channel Merchant helps to keep it in perspective.  Finding customers forever will be sometimes peanuts, sometimes shells.