Subscription Success

Recently noted was a webinar regarding 5 points that lead to subscription success.  While the webinar will remain available on Practical E-Commerce’s site, it quickly details the hard work in establishing recurring cash flow from a single customer.

Emphasis is placed with the customer as the product does not buy itself.  Fortunately many e-retailers take the time to know their customers and subsequent product changes result.  Without such change, it’s difficult at best to increase the number of customers and/or keep customers buying.   Trusting one’s customer is not always easy, yet it can pay off in the long run considering a subscription purchase.

As the holidays draw closer, keep contact with customers regardless if is a sale related issue.  Establish a new newsletter or update how this year is going and what to look forward to in 2013.  Be as personal as possible to maintain relationships that probably evolve to some degree rather than remain the same.  It can be a challenge not to ‘crowd’ a customer with too much mail, yet information about the product use and customers satisfaction will help.