Service Sykey–How a Vendor Should Operate

The range of order fulfillment services provided by one company can be full back end support: Call Center Order Processing Storage Pick, Pack & Ship Inventory Control At times too, product or materials assembly before shipments are made can be included.  And the full range of finished packaging can include shrink wrap, ploy wrap or […]

Getting Out of It (or from Under It)

Looking at reasons to outsource fulfillment has everything to do with growth without commitments.  Generally, one can save costs doing it yourself; the problem though is managing an operation that may have little to do with your purposes or product sales. How do you know?  For sure, knowing all expenses related to real estate will […]

Is the Cart Before The Horse?

We all know e-commerce is evolving; and at paces that can seem unreal.  An attempt to define e-commerce will usually, today, end with ‘anything to do with making money’ in association with the internet.  That’s a fair answer. Selling products via the internet requires basics that include marketing as we know, let alone merchandising the […]

Do Tell—the Results Are In After All

For many reasons, the population of 30 and younger year olds are leading the way.  And from a social standpoint, why they are beyond what could be imagined in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the beginning of the 21st century.  From my perspective, I marvel. Even the current President of the United States […]

E-Commerce, Fundraising and Non-Profit Objectives

Non-Profit sectors of on-line and e-commerce activities have equivalent goals to for-profit product merchandisers.  What technology provides private enterprises certainly is relied on to satisfy an .org’s position in the respective ‘donor’ marketplaces. The differences of non-profits are affiliated with a group or an association, many affiliated with geography and others with say, the performing […]

Facebook Gifts Delivers E-Commerce Shopping Experience

Facebook Inc.  is moving slowly toward e-commerce shopping with “Facebook Gifts.” “Facebook Gifts” allows Facebook users to purchase and send products to their friends. Over one hundred “Facebook Gifts” vendors, such as Starbucks and Magnolia Bakery from New York, will ship orders clicked to their site. Initially, a random group of Facebook users […]

Case Study: Corporate Web Store

Like many large organizations with multiple divisions and several representatives, one of our clients was having difficulty distributing marketing materials, giveaways, and premiums efficiently.  By the time the requests made it through the email chain to be approved, everything had to be shipped overnight in order to arrive in time for the event.  They were […]