In General, Be Specific

According to Internet Retailer web sales exceeded $225 billion in 2012 and yet I found a sales figure of $289 billion from another source.  I tried to make sense of it and I took an educated guess because neither source was entirely specific.   So my educated guess was it’s the difference between product purchases that […]

Warehousing, Fulfillment and Customer Care

Every so often I catch myself long enough to test, or audit, the relationship between attending to the operation and its running efficiently and customer care.  Sometimes however, what we care about to the extent we’ve satisfied a client, may not be exactly what the client would agree as being in their best interest.  That […]

Call Center, Call Center

“Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger.”  If you can’t name that line to the actors (comedians) then you’re either too young or didn’t watch SNL in the late 70’s.  Fact is, a diner is a call center too.  The server takes a call and as does the cook. It does not matter how well a shopping cart functions […]

Service Sykey–How a Vendor Should Operate

The range of order fulfillment services provided by one company can be full back end support: Call Center Order Processing Storage Pick, Pack & Ship Inventory Control At times too, product or materials assembly before shipments are made can be included.  And the full range of finished packaging can include shrink wrap, ploy wrap or […]

Getting Out of It (or from Under It)

Looking at reasons to outsource fulfillment has everything to do with growth without commitments.  Generally, one can save costs doing it yourself; the problem though is managing an operation that may have little to do with your purposes or product sales. How do you know?  For sure, knowing all expenses related to real estate will […]

Ouch!! It Hurts to Learn

As I continue to learn from both followers and professionals’ blogging away as it were, I remind myself learning is a good thing albeit ‘painful.’  I have always been a slow learner yet keeping at it, whatever it is, is the answer.  As we know, one never fails unless one stops. Having been involved with […]

Getting Directions from Big Foot

Some of us prefer to get our directions from Big Foot than MapQuest (Rand McNally in the old days).  This doesn’t necessarily mean we’re ‘lost’ in the truest sense, but perhaps about to be enlightened.  (And as with Nessie, who wouldn’t want to see what few if any actually have.) In some attempts to connect readers […]

Web Site & Shopping Cart Decisions–Make Haste Slowly

Over time, web sites and shopping carts have become more accessible with features and functions to allow simplicity and easier navigation.  This said, reviews today should be thorough enough to measure how you may grow later and whether you could keep the existing software choice. Investigate agencies with e-commerce experience if you plan to outsource.  […]

Internet Retail and Outlet Wholesale—Necessary Fulfillment Considerations

Many product manufactures have wholesale distribution as an ongoing marketing plan and what support that is necessary comes down to warehouse space and adequate product shipping capabilities.  Further, as might be required, Accounts Receivable and billing, EDI and other tendering round out the backend fulfillment. Generally speaking, start ups and smaller manufactures tend to lean […]

Your Customers Can Opt Out of Online Behavioral Advertising

Every day, Karol Media’s fulfillment solutions support e-commerce companies learning new tools to build trust with their customers. On-line customer privacy continues evolving in the face of on-line advertising’s growing sophistication. Customized ads now appear regularly during a customer’s browsing day. This custom advertising is a result of advertiser’s predictions about consumer interests from the […]