Internet Retail and Outlet Wholesale—Necessary Fulfillment Considerations

Many product manufactures have wholesale distribution as an ongoing marketing plan and what support that is necessary comes down to warehouse space and adequate product shipping capabilities.  Further, as might be required, Accounts Receivable and billing, EDI and other tendering round out the backend fulfillment. Generally speaking, start ups and smaller manufactures tend to lean […]

Google Unveils Small Business “Google for Entrepreneurs”

Google recently unveiled Google for Entrepreneurs , a Google single point of entry for small business resources. Google for Entrepreneurs links small businesses to online resources and subscription technologies.  Another Google for Entrepreneurs service delivers Google event listings for small business start-ups and is a useful set of tools for Karol fulfillment small businesses […]

Moving Forward: International Shipping

Your web store is up, you are moving product at a good rate, and now you are looking at expanding your market overseas.  More consumers, more sales, more profit right?  Not if your shipping costs eat away that profit.  Shipping internationally can be a great addition to your company, but it has the potential of […]