Service Sykey–How a Vendor Should Operate

The range of order fulfillment services provided by one company can be full back end support: Call Center Order Processing Storage Pick, Pack & Ship Inventory Control At times too, product or materials assembly before shipments are made can be included.  And the full range of finished packaging can include shrink wrap, ploy wrap or […]

Do Tell—the Results Are In After All

For many reasons, the population of 30 and younger year olds are leading the way.  And from a social standpoint, why they are beyond what could be imagined in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the beginning of the 21st century.  From my perspective, I marvel. Even the current President of the United States […]

World Internet Project International Report—Fourth Edition

Certainly an uncountable number of individuals in all internet related activities will have reviewed the current and fourth edition of The Center for a Digital Future’s World Internet Project International Report.  Comprehensive as can be in the time frame, the benefit from empirical knowledge regarding internet use serves well for e-commerce today and related objectives […]

International Marketing—Now for All Retailers

At times a little extra research here can save someone some time.  And while not all e-merchants have international marketing plans, one need not be overwhelmed after consideration.  Currency conversion and translation software is available.  And it all just gets easier to think about global sales. Here’s a look at some markets and relationships: Canada […]

Window Dressing, Web Sites and E-Commerce

It cannot be understated that the window that is your web site home page should present products in terms of market.  While it will be a little longer for the technology to allow 3-D for all e-retailers, best to approach the web site with the same intentions as you would for window shoppers. So much […]

Moving Forward: International Shipping

Your web store is up, you are moving product at a good rate, and now you are looking at expanding your market overseas.  More consumers, more sales, more profit right?  Not if your shipping costs eat away that profit.  Shipping internationally can be a great addition to your company, but it has the potential of […]