Service Sykey–How a Vendor Should Operate

The range of order fulfillment services provided by one company can be full back end support: Call Center Order Processing Storage Pick, Pack & Ship Inventory Control At times too, product or materials assembly before shipments are made can be included.  And the full range of finished packaging can include shrink wrap, ploy wrap or […]

Sponsored Educational Materials (SEM)

Karol has long been a source to provide SEM distribution.  From list acquisition, with or without promotion, and all the way through school delivery and classroom feedback will complete the distribution cycle.  The range of educational materials is virtually endless yet the impact can be impressive be it curriculum related or informational only. Not all […]

‘Lumpy’ Mail Gets Attention

While the phrase has been coined elsewhere, few recipients of an envelope that is not flat can resist opening.  And whether the item was requested or sent for promotional purposes, lumpy mail stands out. Some budgets prohibit this method of marketing and fulfillment.  However, depending on the demographics, mail receipt is welcome.  And with goodies […]