Top Ten E-Commerce Mistakes and the Top Ten Must-Have E-Commerce Features

While fulfillment is crucial to complete the order cycle and customer satisfaction in placing an order, the front end of e-commerce is what drives your customers to your site the first time; and with a good shopping and order fulfillment experience, again and again. From Shopping Cart  Review (Top Ten REVIEWS) are the following Top […]

Shopping Carts and Marketing

Special Interest Marketing may not need shopping carts.  And a lot has to do with who buys a particular ‘product.’  Perhaps not all product marketing efforts need a shopping cart and sales continue on without need after all. Most businesses recognize the value of a web site and staking a place within the global reach of […]

Internet Retail and Outlet Wholesale—Necessary Fulfillment Considerations

Many product manufactures have wholesale distribution as an ongoing marketing plan and what support that is necessary comes down to warehouse space and adequate product shipping capabilities.  Further, as might be required, Accounts Receivable and billing, EDI and other tendering round out the backend fulfillment. Generally speaking, start ups and smaller manufactures tend to lean […]

Inventory Control equals Customer Satisfaction

Order cycles for product are the bane of purchasing; but for sales and customer satisfaction, lack of inventory on time is the bane of retail business. Generally, e-retailers Karol has served include both high and low SKU counts.  Back orders are a serious customer service issue.  The range of reasons back orders exist can be […]

Sponsored Educational Materials (SEM)

Karol has long been a source to provide SEM distribution.  From list acquisition, with or without promotion, and all the way through school delivery and classroom feedback will complete the distribution cycle.  The range of educational materials is virtually endless yet the impact can be impressive be it curriculum related or informational only. Not all […]

Outsourcing Project Fulfillment

Are you planning a project that includes assembly and/or the disseminating goods or materials to numerous recipients?  Have you considered outsourcing this project?  Fulfillment Centers handle jobs other than full-time order fulfillment.  Order Fulfillment Centers can be an asset for one-time and periodic projects as well.  Any project requiring assembly, packaging, and/or shipping could be […]