Integration, Automation and Human Hands

Data is more than bountiful and yet, stuffing it into useable places is now something of a career path.  The endeavor can be daunting; particularly with regard to order related processing and fulfillment.  So often marketing takes priorities of data management, yet without good fulfillment processing the order is sacrificed. There are plenty of bells […]

From Practical eCommerce

I’ve mentioned before that Practical eCommerce offers merchants as well as any vendors who assist in internet marketing, good information for the hands-on approach.  Here’s what you can explore in the newest edition and all worth reading: 3 Common Email Marketing Mistakes 5 Sites for Consumer Product Discovery Remember a Holiday ‘Thank You’ Email Lessons Learned: […]

E-Commerce, Fundraising and Non-Profit Objectives

Non-Profit sectors of on-line and e-commerce activities have equivalent goals to for-profit product merchandisers.  What technology provides private enterprises certainly is relied on to satisfy an .org’s position in the respective ‘donor’ marketplaces. The differences of non-profits are affiliated with a group or an association, many affiliated with geography and others with say, the performing […]

Sponsored Educational Materials (SEM)

Karol has long been a source to provide SEM distribution.  From list acquisition, with or without promotion, and all the way through school delivery and classroom feedback will complete the distribution cycle.  The range of educational materials is virtually endless yet the impact can be impressive be it curriculum related or informational only. Not all […]

Outsourcing Project Fulfillment

Are you planning a project that includes assembly and/or the disseminating goods or materials to numerous recipients?  Have you considered outsourcing this project?  Fulfillment Centers handle jobs other than full-time order fulfillment.  Order Fulfillment Centers can be an asset for one-time and periodic projects as well.  Any project requiring assembly, packaging, and/or shipping could be […]