The Human Touch in e-Commerce

We know the driving force behind electronic retailing is commerce from consumer.  To that end, a concise understanding of Responsive Web Design can be had by reading a number of posts in Business 2 Community written by Jacey Gulden of SyneCore Technologies.  Helpful  these are in my view for a wide range of web and […]

Struggling with a Shopping Cart Choice?

Recently I asked Kyle Miller and Systems Manager at Karol to jot down some considerations when reviewing shopping carts for those just starting out in online retailing.  He had no problem with my request–though not because he had a lot of time or he wanted to document a thinking strategy for first time online merchants.  […]

Call Center, Call Center

“Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger.”  If you can’t name that line to the actors (comedians) then you’re either too young or didn’t watch SNL in the late 70’s.  Fact is, a diner is a call center too.  The server takes a call and as does the cook. It does not matter how well a shopping cart functions […]

Service Sykey–How a Vendor Should Operate

The range of order fulfillment services provided by one company can be full back end support: Call Center Order Processing Storage Pick, Pack & Ship Inventory Control At times too, product or materials assembly before shipments are made can be included.  And the full range of finished packaging can include shrink wrap, ploy wrap or […]

Is the Cart Before The Horse?

We all know e-commerce is evolving; and at paces that can seem unreal.  An attempt to define e-commerce will usually, today, end with ‘anything to do with making money’ in association with the internet.  That’s a fair answer. Selling products via the internet requires basics that include marketing as we know, let alone merchandising the […]

Customer Service—On Site or Social Media? And What About Pricing as a Customer Service?

Order fulfillment and e-commerce are synonymous.  Yet what makes the difference between success and failure is, and always will be, customer satisfaction through service and relationships.  Progressively social media is helping to keep a brand in touch yet an e-commerce web site is the best place to deliver the best customer service. While physical shopping […]

Cause Marketing—Bridging More Gaps with E-Commerce

Not necessarily new, but for sure more developed today, cause marketing offers help to all human needs as well as cohabitation with wildlife and support of the environment.  Whether domestic or global, the for-profit and non-profit worlds can come together using the marketing campaign power of the largest of corporations, or local and online niche […]

E-Commerce, Fundraising and Non-Profit Objectives

Non-Profit sectors of on-line and e-commerce activities have equivalent goals to for-profit product merchandisers.  What technology provides private enterprises certainly is relied on to satisfy an .org’s position in the respective ‘donor’ marketplaces. The differences of non-profits are affiliated with a group or an association, many affiliated with geography and others with say, the performing […]

Top Ten E-Commerce Mistakes and the Top Ten Must-Have E-Commerce Features

While fulfillment is crucial to complete the order cycle and customer satisfaction in placing an order, the front end of e-commerce is what drives your customers to your site the first time; and with a good shopping and order fulfillment experience, again and again. From Shopping Cart  Review (Top Ten REVIEWS) are the following Top […]

Shopping Carts and Marketing

Special Interest Marketing may not need shopping carts.  And a lot has to do with who buys a particular ‘product.’  Perhaps not all product marketing efforts need a shopping cart and sales continue on without need after all. Most businesses recognize the value of a web site and staking a place within the global reach of […]