Napkin Planning for Internet Marketing

Difficult to digest it all, one can still reap sales by keeping pace with all the internet can do; and as we enter the e-commerce world further; we will see move development towards mobile-device use.  Now it can happen quickly, but creating a plan of engagement will eliminate oversights and better analytics overall. “Napkin” planning […]

World Internet Project International Report—Fourth Edition

Certainly an uncountable number of individuals in all internet related activities will have reviewed the current and fourth edition of The Center for a Digital Future’s World Internet Project International Report.  Comprehensive as can be in the time frame, the benefit from empirical knowledge regarding internet use serves well for e-commerce today and related objectives […]

Innovation with Social Networks–Kliq

As social media develops, it can develop separately to the point keeping our networks connected becomes the necessity to realize the benefits of content and its distribution.  While the pundits confirm that social media networking, marketing and advertising is to be embraced, developers such as Johnny Richardson reasons through today’s devices and network-purposing with true […]

Social Media Networking is No Picnic—Though It Could Be

Every so often an analogy can be made–and the backyard picnic as it relates to social media networking is an easy one.  And kindred spirits being what they are, social media is no different with friends, colleagues, customers, and new acquaintances coming together for better time, mutual benefit or to lend a hand. While not […]