There’s a Reason the Word ‘Press’ Still Exists

“Go to press” meant something different not too long ago.  In fact, I dare say in this day in age, folks who are just starting out recognize that ‘circulation’ means followers or searchers by any other name.  Direct mail still exists for good reason; particularly for catalog merchandisers, finance and insurance companies.  And yes, magazines and newspapers still go to press however with less content.

I find what the web is interesting because you can ‘go to press’ in real time and still can edit.  And your circulation of followers—preferably kindred spirits for one reason of another—actually benefit in some sort of form by reciprocity.  Though there’s something special about the smell of ink on paper, I’m still amazed how true interaction between reader and writer or merchant and buyer relate to one another in today’s on-line world.

As far as this blog (the word reminds me of peat moss), it’s a means to present and offer compilations of experience and expertise not necessarily of the writer’s.  Particularly collecting and delivering the best advice regarding a range of communication related concerns or perhaps, ‘what to, what now- how to’; and in an age where the technology continuum is more than half the battle.  (If you don’t know what the terms ‘hot lead’ or ‘letter press’ mean, don’t worry.)

Today, though writing skills are required, best the writer understands much more.  What I find scrolling my categories in Quora, a favorite stress reducing means to find good business and technology information—while having a wee bit of fun.

No doubt many involved professionally with marketing via the web, let alone site designers and administrators, find themselves trying to budget time while information (education) overload is a daily challenge.  Yet as software development continues, the best developers will learn to deliver some fun to professionals along the way too.  The reader or customer should not be the only ones having fun.

And if the term ‘linotype’ doesn’t mean a thing, you’ll never know how much went into the garbage or how much time it took to do ‘paste up.’  Believe me, it’s no loss to you.