Time is a Measurement Too

Looking at web marketing today, the opportunities are in fact endless because it is affordable. In a real sense then, only time is the limitation. When considerations for ‘holistic’ marketing are reviewed, we can witness a range of communications that sell by virtue of available information. That is, in some way, that which leads to a sale is not necessarily paid advertising. Nothing new really, but publicity is as good today with 15 words as it was with 1500 in double spaced publicity releases.

What am I saying? Only that the wherewithal to reach a relevant and better market-readership is measured by time, not necessarily numbers (‘followers’ may be the better term, in spite of any connotation). Sure there are exponential results from some activities to reduce time. But not all of us value time the same way either. There are serial entrepreneurs who are in perpetual motion and see time as the means to develop more business. Perhaps off course, this too means more time to do what may be a personal type joy.

In the communications ‘universe’ today, we see images and read bits of text as fast as it can be photographed or typed. Many times, there is not the editing processes for the sake of better copy or even relative journalism for that matter. Which brings me back to the point—more refined personalized and humanized posts or copy; and of course more time in order to distribute that which sells something—an opinion or an idea and the match with respective products.

Parting thoughts: No doubt 24 hours can be better utilized by some than others. Yet some ‘time drifters’ are the innovators for the next greatest means of communication. These enviable individuals let time do some of the work as older ways extinguish themselves as if by some evolutionary forces. The weight of how it’s done today, competitively, will somehow bring it down with something lighter in conception yet concrete.

And with new methods of communication looming, likely you will be driving illegally if you’re engaged in it—at the time.