Top Ten E-Commerce Mistakes and the Top Ten Must-Have E-Commerce Features

While fulfillment is crucial to complete the order cycle and customer satisfaction in placing an order, the front end of e-commerce is what drives your customers to your site the first time; and with a good shopping and order fulfillment experience, again and again.

From Shopping Cart  Review (Top Ten REVIEWS) are the following Top Ten’s to review and used to investigate and evaluate options.  Remember a simple premise too; that if outsourcing fulfillment is part of the plan, need not worry about Order Management Software as the fulfillment vendor can take your files or will have integrated with the front-end shopping cart software already.

Top Ten E-Commerce Mistakes

  • Weak Site Design
  • Site Usability Inadequate
  • Obstacles to Shopping
  • No Marketing Plan
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Not Every Product can be Sold on the Internet
  • Failure to Prepare for Success
  • Slow Shipping
  • Specialization
  • Security

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Top Ten Must-Have E-Commerce Features

  • Searchengine Friendliness
  • PCI Compliant Hosting & Security
  • Up-selling & Cross-selling Features
  • Product Review Feature
  • Flexible Pricing Management
  • Robust Catalog Management
  • Solid Analytics & Reporting
  • Integrated Shipping
  • Product Feed Support
  • Gift Certificate/Wishlist Features

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