Warehousing Ideas & Shipping Products

You may recognize how internet marketing as well as customer service and fulfillment has evolved.  Yet online marketing evolves so fast one might ‘stay put’ if not let it go.  Fact is, it moves as fast as the cloud and applications are developed and upgraded.  Forget about ‘big data’ for a moment.

You may be ‘warehousing ideas’ as to how to go about the business of selling your products (or fund raising) and need some inside information.  Interestingly, fulfillment service providers are a good source of information—they see success or failure every day.  While there will be different opinions, we recognize success based on what is unique in the market place (the product itself, its price and importantly, its description).  Generally, there are specific product features that appeal to a buyer’s sense of well being.  That in some way the customer:

  • Will be safer
  • Healthier
  • Happier

I recently read two blog posts in Practical eCommerce as to why not start up a e-commerce business and I confess, these surprised me.  Yet the information was genuine insomuch to eliminate any delutions.  So, if you have any considerations based on your particular experience, read these posts to quickly qualify yourself.   Last, if possible and as applicable, do not manufacture anything until fully understanding what will be involved in selling over the internet.   (Of course Marketing 101 includes introducing a new product to an existing customer.)