Window Dressing, Web Sites and E-Commerce

It cannot be understated that the window that is your web site home page should present products in terms of market.  While it will be a little longer for the technology to allow 3-D for all e-retailers, best to approach the web site with the same intentions as you would for window shoppers.

So much time and effort is placed on getting would-be customers to a store.  And that is not the time to disappoint them.  It’s supposed to be an invitation to enter (and the display-pages to further merchandize the products).  Retailers know their demographics for sure so match up images customers can relate to.

Take Bakline for instance.  Slowly taking off, but taking off, Bakline has their marketing (site) down pat; urban, image conscious young adults.  Rugby was only a ruse to conjure up interest.  Sure, sure, some customers play rugby but how many times has someone worn a name brand sports T-Shirt?  Bakline says there’s always someone looking to be different and/or unique.

Check out their window dressing—simple, clean and effective.  They know who their next customer will be.